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​Road to Gymkhana Grid is a feature documentary following eight world-class drivers' journey to Johannesburg South Africa to compete in the World drifting Championship event.

Nikolett Szanto, Luke Woodham, Adam Elder, Shane Lynch, Petter and Oliver Solberg, Ken Block and myself are the featured characters in this film.

Film is a production from Insight TV in partnership with Monster Energy and directed by Mike Christie.
The documentary will air on INSIGHT TV on Saturday 14th April - SKY channel 564 at 19:00GMT  in Ultra HD across UK

Film be also available worldwide online at INSIGHT.tv on all devices – tablets, smart phones, smart TV. The content can be streamed in ultra-high definition and 4k.

​Plus it be aired across Russia and ex Soviet Union countries including Baltic States on 14th April via Tricolor TV on channel 51 / INSIGHT TV at 21:20 Moscow time.

The film is directed by Mike Christie, a filmmaker who concentrates on sport and has covered subjects including Alex Ferguson, ballet and extreme sports.

​I had a big pleasure to work with Mike and his team during the filming of this unique documentary and was able to let Mike inside behind the scene in my personal and race life by sharing  my passion in Motorsport, so he can bring the world of Gymkhana out on the TV screens and tell the story to the viewers.

World premiere of Road to Gymkhana GRiD was set in London at The Bike Shed venue on 26th March 2018 and will be out on Insight TV from 14th April.

​Premiere at London was great, I was glad to see so many people turned up for the show including friends, family, fans and partners! I was truly touched by the positive feedback from everyone on the film.

Its not just about racing, but also about how your life can change in a positive direction with stories from each of the drivers, which are very different from each other, but united in one thing, which we love and live - Gymkhana Grid.

​This film is a finest example to tell what it takes to be one of Gymkhana Grid athletes with one of most interesting factors, that you don't have to be a millionaire to race against one.

Everyone knows, that nothing is impossible, surely it cost you loads of your time and tonnes of effort, but as long as you got that wish and can see the target you trying to achieve on other side of a dark tunnel, then you are already on the route, just don’t give up and you will see yourself where you want to be​​.
I had an amazing time through all the stages during the production and filming! I was able to visit my birth town Pripyat, where I never been for over 30 years, since the Chernobyl's power plant disaster accrued back in 1986, then showed around my daily life and job in UK and then fled on other side of earth to compete in Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid finals in South Africa! What a ride that was... 

Apart from the main film, there are individual episode for each of the driver and additional trailers online at INSIGHT.tv, which you can watch to get even better inside view with all about the Gymkhana Grid

I would like to Thank everyone who was involved in the making of this film, I think I still don't know everyone as the production involved a lot of people, but all those who I met was an amazing people and very interesting to work with!

​#InsightTV #LSP #Velocity #MonsterEnergy #MikeChtistie #RoadToGymkhanaGrid #GymkhanaGrid
Separate thanks goes to all my Partners and Sponsors with special Thanks to Monster Energy and Ken Block for make all this possible!
<![CDATA[DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ GETS WHITELINE MODE - #GRIPACTIVATED PARTNERSHIP DEAL]]>Thu, 08 Mar 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/dmitrij-sribnyj-gets-whiteline-mode-gripactivated-partnership-deal
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - WHITELINE joins my racing program and will provide support through 2018 season!

This is a big success and great opportunity for me to get a backup by one of the best in the world performance handling brands!
Whiteline's boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance.  

​Consisting of adjustable sway bars (also known as Stabilizer Bars or Anti Roll Bars), chassis bracing, alignment products and chassis control bushing kits, Whiteline products provide automotive workshops, tuners, enthusiasts and racers with innovative solutions to suspension and handling problems while delivering proven performance & problem solving outcomes for many of the worlds vehicle platforms.
​I have used Whiteline products for many years on my Scoobyclinic GC8 Impreza without compromise regardless of any partnership and it have proved to be one of the best upgrades to achieve better driving manoeuvrability and traction in any discipline! With many new products on the line and wide choice of applications , now it will be even more a easier to get the needed setup to balance both cars for best results.

Now the things will change in even better direction with full technical support and latest Whiteline products, I definitely be able to take both of my SCR cars to a next level, especially, that in Motorsport such as Gymkhana Grid and Barrel Sprint, the handling of the car important as much as power output!
​I am looking forward to get the newest Whiteline products installed on GC8 and newly build first in the world powered EJ20 Subaru BRZ with AWD Transmission and get it all set for upcoming season!

Massive thank you to Justin for helping to get the deal signed and Graeme for priceless tech support! 
<![CDATA[DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ PARTNERING WITH VP RACING FUELS TO IGNITE 2018 SEASON]]>Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/dmitrij-sribnyj-partnering-with-vp-racing-fuels-to-ignite-2018-season
 I am pleased to announce my new partnership deal with VP RACING FUELS to go through 2018 racing season. After careful research and testing, I had no doubt, that VP Fuel will help me to achieve even better results during my competitions. 
Taking in to account professional advise by Jeff Ludgate from TRACKSTUFF, who are the main distributor of VP Racing Fuels in United Kingdom, I chose to go with VP X85 race fuel, which is an excellent blend of race quality E85.

​In break down X85 consist of 85% ethanol and 15% of top quality hydrocarbons, this will provide prolonged engine life and greater acceleration response during the racing, while
accuracy and finest mapping of the engine will give best possible results.
Both of my SCR Race Subarus - BRZ AWD and Impreza Type R will run on this amazing power source, I am sure it will also give myself extra confidence, which is very important during extreme race conditions, while the tech spec of the fuel will provide excellent performance for both cars! 
VP Racing Fuels history going back to 1970s and was founded by Steve Burns, who initially exhibited his aptitude for R&D as a young racer in San Antonio, Texas.

VP is now recognised by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of Motorsports.

Very interesting fact, that most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by passion and the competitive will to win. In my view, this is one of the main reasons, what makes VP Racing Fuels so special and gives an advantage on track!

​My 2018 event calendar looks as busy as ever, so it will be many litres of VP fuel needed to run through the year, especially with my newly built first in the world Subaru BRZ AWD car to be tested with further development stages to make it just another winning SCR beast!
<![CDATA[FIRST IN THE WORLD SCR SUBARU BRZ ALL WHEEL DRIVE DEBUT BY DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ]]>Sat, 13 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/first-in-the-world-scr-subaru-brz-all-wheel-drive-debut-by-dmitrij-sribnyj
 ​I am very pleased to show you my newly built SCR Subaru BRZ ALL WHEEL DRIVE race car.
It was unveiled for the first time at Autosport International Show in Birmingham NEC on 13-14th January 2018.
Car was exposed on Formula G / Barrel Sprint / all about Gymkhana Stand.
 I have to say, it was not very easy project starting from the very beginning, but with all the help and support I received from my Partners and Sponsors especially Scoobyclinic, this car was shaping nicely with every day passed and I am very thankful to everyone involved in this build for letting my crazy ideas to go ahead.
​​ I always thought, that BRZ could be one of those very special cars, where best of Subaru technologies comes together. Unfortunately to date Subaru have not announced any of this to be sent in to production, meaning NO Turbo and NO AWD on BRZ in near future. Same goes to independent tuners, I have not found any other BRZ with All Wheel Drive gear coupled with EJ Turbocharged power plant anywhere by googling internet 

 Being a person who likes a challenge, I thought, why not to make it happen, especially, that I have back up from one of the best Subaru specialists in the World – Scoobyclinic.  So a year ago I decided to make a move and bring my dream in to reality.

 This SCR BRZ now have the ALL WHEEL DRIVE transmission and running gear, making it truly one of a kind and powered by turbocharged boxer engine to make it aggressive and competitive for any track job.

​Car will be used mostly for Gymkhana related events such as 
Barrel SprintFormula G and of course Gymkhana Grid, but I will be open to any challenge, as thats what I like most!

This car took a lot of time, not just from myself, but from many people involved in the build.
Loads of parts had to be custom made to enable AWD system to work and even more man hours spent on completion of the work.

​Main man at Scooyclinic, Kev, contributed his knowledge and ability to make things happen by supporting this project with greatest ever back up I could ever expect.
Kev also  thought, that it be good to make this BRZ, not just a good race car, but also made it awesomely presented show car with every detail in style!
You really need to see the car in flesh, instead of me describing of how nice everything was done, so much to list and this just once again proves, that at SCR everything done with passion and love!

                                                                              the build

​ I started this project end of January 2017, by stripping complete car, everything out till bare shell to make the build most efficient and able to learn the car from inside out.


Chassis preparation with safety and strength improvement features such as roll cage and seam welding was made by Roll cage designs. I asked  RCD to make half Cage, so it fit only to back part of a cabin,  I thought, that in races where I plan to use this car we dont get high speed, but to save on weight and not  to obstruct any of the drivers position will be beneficial.

Next step was to test install of suspension and drivetrain including turbocharged engine.
I chose to go with combination of running gear from 3 different generations of Subarus to make best possible package. I will tell more details about what I have done and how in coming soon issue of Japanese Performance Magazine. So stay tuned most secrets will be told in article, covering rear and front axles including engine and transmission.


​PB-6 pot big brake kit with 330mm floating rotors fitted on front while PB-coilovers with adjustable top mounts and custom spring rates in all 4 corners.
This awesome brake and suspension kits was supplied by PB Brakes & Coilovers 


Once the car was set on it wheels, guys at Scoobyclinic started the major jobs with fully custom made Motorsport loom, adding all the best features including Syvecs S6i ECU paired with SDM300 dash, then plumbing everything in with custom fuel lines and twin fuel pumps, accusump for extra safety and reliability of the engine, firewalls and weight saving door cards. Replacing glass with poly-carbonate lightweight Motorsport windows credited with additional weight reduction.


​Finishing touches to the interior was a pair of SPA Recaro seats, this buckets weight only 5.5 kg each, but made out of super strong and lightweight Carbon Kevlar material making them not just look great but very safe too. Custom made embroidered SCR logos and my name with #77 race number gives a bit of flavour to the interior style.

​All air and coolant hoses made by SamcoSport with some of them custom made, all what we needed to do at Scoobyclinic is to make the needed shape by joining selection of hoses and cut to size then post it to Samco and we had ready made one piece hose coming back our way the next day.. amazing... ! I went with classic choice of Samco Blue colour, I always liked it and it not just delivers, but also looks great!

Electrical side of the car needs to be reliable with easy start up of the engine at any time along with power supply to all electric and electronic components of the system, but usually when we say we need big power, we think of big and heavy battery, while in our case its only 1.5kg and can start a tank! With thanks to Antigravity batteries who supplied very small, but very efficient and nice looking 16 cell Lithium Nano Phosphate  battery pack which delivers 480 cranking amps. Being very small, it was very easy to find a place to install. 

Temperature control and fuel delivery is one of major factors to keep car safe, therefore it was no question who will be making the radiator and intercooler for this project.
​Forge Motorsport once again done a fantastic job by making custom made high flow radiator and 1.5 litre swirl pot to avoid any fuel starvation, while the intercooler still to be made after some track testings, so we can work out what sort of intake temperatures we will be dealing with if to use stock top mount position, so at the moment we fitted STi 10 large top mount cooler.

Fast car is not always about high end power, to me its all about response from the way my foot pushes down throttle pedal and how quick engine picks revs up. One of the components responsible for the above is a turbo, and knowing, that SC Race spec turbos made by Blouch can deliver the boost quicker, than I can blink, it was no doubt, that I need one of those in BRZ.
​Same turbo I run on my SCR GC8 Impreza with results needing nothing to prove.


​Connection between engine and rest of the drivetrain handled through multi plate race spec Competition Clutch, it gives very good bite and can handle massive power without overheating and provide strong clamp between ceramic discs and metal plates, but still easy driveble of to be used on road.

Estimated power output will be over 500bhp, so to get all that madness to the track, we have 245 40 18 TOYO TIRES with R888R Proxes wrapped on Rota rims. I used Toyos for many years with excellent results, especially, that in Gymkhana very important to have very fine balance between grip and slip. With R888R I can control the amount of desired grip easily by lowering or rising tyre pressure, while the effectiveness of the tyre not changing dramatically, this provides me with excellent handling and not getting overheated, but at the same time it work great from cold.

Now, this is a running gear desert! Power and torque with mega fast spool are all good fun, but without capable transmission, race day can be ended in tears, well not for me though.. Samsonas Motorsport 6 speed sequential transmission will be ready to take the abuse and help me to cut the gear shift times to a minimum.
Samsonas AWD bulletproof box can break car in half, but still will drive to a finish line with all gears in order.
With massive thanks to Samsonas Motorsport and Clark Motorsport for cooperation and help in this project I will surely feel my self more confident during the races.


Engine wise, since the newly built 2.5 SCR motor was borrowed in my GC8 to compete in World Finals of Gymkhana Grid, we used temporary STi EJ20 motor to get BRZ running and make some tests, then a new engine to be configured by SCR engineers to build best possible option for this particular car.

Engine and transmission runs on Synionic race spec oil and lubricates all moving parts. I used it for many years in other race cars and it really delivers the smoothness to motion and protection to all moving parts.


For accuracy and finest mapping of the engine with best possible results car runs on VP X85 race fuel, which is excellent blend of race quality E85
In break down X85 consist of 85% ethanol and 15% of top quality hydrocarbons, this will provide prolonged engine life and greater acceleration response during the racing. 


​Graphic design was made by Kevin Horsley from 142Creative,  I wanted to use same livery as on my SCR GC8 Impreza, but on dark background, I had some doubts, but now I can see, that risky move was worth a go.


First, the car had a full wrap in Satin Grey, very good job was done by Nathan from Optimus Wrapping, for some time I even wanted to leave car with no livery on, it looked so cool!
But at the same time I needed a good contrast to make this car stand out from crowed, so the colourful graphic was a must.
Vinyl livery was printed and applied by ShyTot Graphics.
It actually worked out very well with bright colours on dark car.


During the build, through whole year, I needed a lot of logistical movements of parts between the build locations with fabricators and suppliers, therefore I cant thank enough Apc Overnight for the very professional service they provided by supporting all my shipping needs! Pallets or small parcels, they managed it all with next day service. 

Separate thanks to Millfield Auto Parts for general assistance and support!

Also, I would like to thank Donny Wynn, Mikee Singh, Simon T. and Rimvi S. for help and advice through the build and all guys at Scoobyclinic for excellent work they done!

trillion thanks to my awesome sponsors

<![CDATA[Dmitrij Sribnyj takes 5th in Gymkhana Grid World Finals – South Africa 2017]]>Sun, 26 Nov 2017 18:02:12 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/dmitrij-sribnyj-takes-5th-in-gymkhana-grid-world-finals-south-africa-2017Picture
 ​In few words – it was best Grid ever, not just to myself as a competitor, but overall, especially with over 2.3 million views of the live stream it makes the most successful showdown for the past 6 years, and thats not to count the live TV shows across the globe!
 Now in to details, one week in South Africa made me love the Country and gave me loads of positive feelings, met new friends and tried new things like a crocodile and zebra grilled meat.
 Monster Energy fuelled Race week consisted of 4 days full of action on brand new built track with freshly laid tarmac. It was nothing, but only the pleasure to slay my SCR Subaru and smoke loads of Toyo Tires!

 Our journey started from Heathrow Airport in UK with almost 12 hours up in the air, we landed in SA Johannesburg International Airport and was transferred to the hotel, which was in Carnival City and just 5 min walk from the track. It really felt like a dream place with warm sunny weather and very fresh air. After checking in to hotel it was a time to finally reunite with my SCR race car after long 6 weeks shipping in container, it was one of the best moments to see her safe with thanks to Woodland Group, who was managing the shipping.

Unloading my SCR car and setting up pit area was straight forward, especially, that we had a big white tents for all drivers to hide in shades from the burning sun.
Following day was general preparation and checks on the car and meeting the main man from my South African SRD support team Johnny.

​ Thursday was a media day with passenger rides to VIP guests and media representatives, it was also the first time to get the taste of the track, which was designed by the Grid team. Track had very long straight from start to a first corner, this was a longest straight line we ever had in past 6 years. Surely it was very fast, but it was clear, that the cars with most power output will take an advantage, then smooth transitions between obstacles, such as 2 airplanes and big stack of tyres with barrels in figure of 8 sections. This made the track to be very interesting and enjoyable to compete, I would say it was fairly easy to remember and medium technical wise.
 Media day ended with failure of my stock 6 speed gearbox, which decided to give up from my pressure and 1st gear made it way out of the game, I had a spare box, which was different spec from what I needed, but still was good enough for following practice day. My SRD support team of local guys changed it overnight and started to rebuild my original gearbox, so we could change it back for Saturday qualifying.

​By end of Friday track was slayed and all the lines dialled in, car loaded on SRD recovery trailer and made it way to the workshop to get the repaired gearbox swaped. 

​Saturday morning car was back and ready with 4 qualification sessions, where each of my runs had an improvement with final result of me qualifying in 5th position in my AWD class, but at same time that was also an overall 5th out of 46 cars which made in to Saturdays qualifying, while original number was something around 60.
 Times were very quick from World RX Supercars with World Champion in WRC and RX Petter Solberg and current World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson sitting in top 2, while Andreas Bakkerud team mate of Ken Block qualified 3rd and 4th respectively.

It was good to see myself with my street SCR Subaru sitting in 2.02 sec combined run, when Ken Blocks 4th position was at 1.59 sec while everyone else behind me in AWD class was at 2.10 and over meaning, that I am much closer to Supercars rather than rest of the Grid.

One of the cool moments during the video shoot for the coming soon documentary with Master himself Ken Block and some of the best drivers from around the world. Nikolett Szanto, Petter Solberg and his son Oliver, Adam Elder and Luke Woodham with me hiding on the background.
Moving to Sunday main race day with top 16 knockout battles, we had one dial in run in the morning with head to head races starting in late afternoon.
I was placed against Carl Van As, who was one of  South African guys in my top 16 battle, but his car didn't made to the Grid with broken differential, I was very disappointed to miss the race, but was moved straight in to top 8, where I was against Ken Blocks team mate Andreas Bakerrud in his World RallyCross Ford Focus RS RX supercar. It was very obvious, that my skills was helpless against millions worth of latest technologies packed in to that beast, but I done my best even, that I did not win the race, I still set the best time after 4 main supercars.

Finally as I predicted - VW World RX team with current World RallyCross Champion Johan Kristoffersson and 3 times World Champion Petter Solberg taking top 2 spots while Hooningan Racing team with Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud making Top 4.

I am happy with the result for my self and my SCR/SRD team being 5th, meaning, that I still got all it takes to be where I am and keep fairly far away from other competitors who was behind me.
Looking forward for the new season and hoping for more Gymkhana Grid in a new year and will rethink the strategy for the main event next year... in 2 words - anyone wants to give me World RX spec car for a weekend?=)

Below is a gallery with some of the shots made during the Grid week, some more media still to come and I will upload it to this same gallery when it be ready with some videos and links to official reports


​ Apart from real car racing I had my HPi RC replica to take on this Gymkhana Grid South African edition track. It was very cool playground for this little beast especially with newly upgraded engine and more grippier tyres it could perform very fast entry spins and all kind off sideway action.

I would like to thank all of my sponsors for continuous support especially Scoobyclinic for such a great car and for keeping me at distance of the phone call for any tech advise and Pat for looking through my data logs on Syvecs ECU.

​Special Thanks goes to my South African support SRD team, everyone done brilliant job by looking after me during this event and providing such an amazing service!
Johnny, Brandon, Tyson, Tracy and Olga, you guys was my heroes! 

Thanks to Jerry from Import parts and Mark from Samco for helping me to get things arranged for this very important event!

Massive Thanks to all my Sponsors for making my racing going and we still have much more potential to open up in future!

Thanks to all Organisers and especially Mr Ken Block with Monster Energy for bringing such an amazing Race event and make it possible to race against worlds best teams and drivers!

Congratulations to all podium finishers and well done to all drivers, competition was very strong and thats what I like most!

You can watch live stream from Sundays battles below
<![CDATA[OPTIMUS WRAPPING COMES ON BOARD TO JOIN DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ RACING PROGRAM]]>Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/optimus-wrapping-comes-on-board-to-join-dmitrij-sribnyj-racing-programPicture

 I am very pleased to introduce my new partner in my Racing Program - Optimus Wrapping, who will be looking after my vinyl applications on my SCR Race cars. Especially with ongoing project of my BRZ All Wheel Drive Subaru, where the full wrap just been done by Nathan Klenczar with the livery to be applied next.

​Optimus Wrapping was set up in 2012 and specialising in colour change vehicle wraps, graphic and livery, but they also do signage, clothing, sublimation printing, banners, digital printing and graphics. 

Nathan who owns the company and does all the work by himself had a few words to say -
" I am very excited to be involved in BRZ AWD project, it was pretty much a yes in my mind, when Dmitrij approached me with the offer to see if I be interested to join his racing program. Its not every day anyone can get opportunity to work with world class drivers and one of a kind car."

Well, from me personally, when I seen Nathans work during one of my visits to Scoobyclinic, I was very impressed with the quality, so had no doubt about the choice of who would be the man to put his hands on my new race car to stick her up with the new look.

I am very excited myself and can not wait to unveil this car very soon. Nathan done amazing job by transforming the colour, of the car. I only can show you a sneak peak at this moment to give you an idea of what it will look like. This is satin black colour and shades very nice under different light angles, it even makes me want to leave the wrap without covering it with livery, but the needs of the signature part is a must to do thing, so thats going to be next.

For any more info about Optimus Wrapping, please visit Nathans website

Below is a gallery from some of the previous jobs Nathan did for his customer
<![CDATA[DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ REUNION - PRIPYAT GHOST TOWN OF CHERNOBYL - 31 YEARS LATER]]>Sat, 04 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/dmitrij-sribnyj-reunion-pripyat-ghost-town-of-chernobyl-31-years-laterPictureOnly the sign of Pripyat have not changed much since it been founded in 1970

Today 37 years ago I was born in young, modern and very beautiful town Pripyat. I had an opportunity to reunite with my home town last weekend for the first time in 31 years, this was more than just a visit. One week later and I am still out with my blown mind. I was struggling to face the reality and was absolutely lost, the worst part was the aftermath and that’s when I got back to UK and my brain was able to process the information I received, which was truly shocking to accept. I must admit It was very strong on emotional side, but I do feel good about being able to get so close back to the place my eyes first seen in my life, despite it have changed, very changed, changed so much, that I was not expecting myself to react the way I did on the things I have seen… But yes, I am very happy, that this puzzle been solved, because I had so many questions and now most of them got an answer. Also, I am very thankful to everyone involved who took the part in my reunion journey, which I will never forget.

PictureMain avenue of the town - Lenin Street with beautiful poplar trees
             Brief story of the town and my family

Pripyat was founded in 1970 to serve the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. With first families started to move in 1972 and in it peak time around 50000 people were living in this town including my grandparents and my mum who still was a teenager at the time of move. New home town was full of hope with promising bright future for everyone who lived there including my family.
 My Grandmother worked in City Council of Pripyat and Granddad was a tile layer covering sites within town and Power Plant. 

PictureMy parents getting married in November 1979
                                         My Parents
​ In 1979 my mum married my dad and a year later I was born with the new life story to begin. My father was serving a 2 year term in army during that time, so my grandmother have sent him a telegram to tell, that he got a boy. I just can imagine how he felt somewhere so far to receive this news, I am sure it made him happy and proud. My dad got back from the army service when I already was 1.5 years old, then him and my mum started to work at “Jupiter” factory  based in Pripyat, factory was producing radio equipment and stereos.

PictureMe and my Granddad with 3 wheeled bicycle presented by my dad brought me during one of his visits
 Later in 1983 my dad had an opportunity to be involved in building of Nuclear Power Plant in republic of Lithuania, so he went there to work and then my mum followed him in 1984. Me and my Grandparents stayed in Pripyat with me going to nursery “Druzhba”. My parents been coming back home to visit us often and treating me with presents. One day I remember, when I was at nursery and teacher told me, that someone waiting for me outside, she said it was a surprise and led me out. There was my dad staying with my first ever bicycle, it was a 3 wheeler one and it was so cool, I was so happy to see my dad and loved my present.

PictureLittle me staying in main square
​ It was many great moments which I remember with a smile each time, like my first ice fishing with my Granddad at nearby river and my first ever remote controlled car, which my Grandmother hidden in cupboard just days before my birthday, but me finding it in advance and she not been very happy about it, then very tasty red strawberries, which we have grown in our summer garden. Most funny was, me playing with Granddads tools in corridor of our flat and me loosing one of the nails on the floor until we all found it stuck in the feet of our screaming neighbour, who came to visit my Grandma. All these are positive memories which keeps me reminded of my childhood early years.

PictureHelicopter circling around Power Plant
​“On Saturday, April 26, 1986, a disaster occurred at Reactor No. 4, caused by a catastrophic power increase resulting in core explosions and open-air fires. This caused large quantities of radioactive materials and airborne isotopes to disperse in the atmosphere and surrounding land. The disaster has been widely regarded as the worst accident in the history of nuclear power in the world. As a result, Reactor No. 4 was completely destroyed and currently being enclosed in a concrete and lead sarcophagus to prevent further escape of radioactivity. Large areas of Europe were affected by the accident. The radioactive cloud spread as far away as Norway” 

Many lives was lost during and after the liquidation process of the accident due to a radiation poisoning. But because of those heroes, who spared their lives, thousands of people including myself had a chance of survival.

PictureColumn of evacuation buses
 ​                      The end and the beginning

  For me and my family, that was the end and the beginning at the same time. I was 5.5 years old and clearly remember the day after the explosion. My grandparents talked about the loud bang during the night they heard and it felt worrying as they were not sure what’s going on because the information on radio was very limited and people in town had no update on the event. Later the day me and my Granddad went to our summer garden, on the way I can remember the road with the view of the Power Plant tower surrounded by smoke and helicopter flying around it. Only the day after it was announced, that we must leave the town and evacuation process begun. We were told only to take our documents and very few things in the bag enough for few days. It was also said, that leaving the town is only temporary matter and we will be able to get back. Me and my Grandparents were sat in one of the hundreds yellow busses and drove out of town outside of 30 km exclusion zone. On the way out the only oncoming vehicles we met was the military BTR and that was the moment my grandmother realised and said “we are not going back”. Sadly, that was the truth and later it was officially announced that it would not be possible to return to Pripyat due to the high levels of radiation. We was taken outside of 30 km exclusion zone and stayed there for about 2 weeks in one of the allocated villages in one of family homes, which was offered by volunteers. Then my parents came to pick me up and took me to Lithuania where they had no choice, but settle from that point on. And my grandparent was advised by the doctors to settle in the place with less sunny and chill climate, so they had not much of choice either and returned to their home place in fairly northern part of Soviet Union.

PictureMy mums piano
                                      Our flat

​Below is set of photos from our flat in Pripyat. During my visit it was not much I could find from whats been left, only very few things. Not sure why and when, but it all was taken by someone. All the things have been contaminated with radiation, just hope that who ever was clearing the flat was aware of the danger and not done greedy business..  I truly was hoping to find at least something from my toys, especially a paper yellow bus, which I got only few days before the disaster and left it in my room before we left,  unfortunate it was absolutely nothing... One of the remaining’s was my mums piano, I don’t remember it much because my mum never played it and it was more like a piece of design spice to add to the interior.

PictureMy nursery / Children Garden N6
                        My nursery - "DRUZHBA"

​​ Below some photos from my nursery "Druzhba" where I went. I remember it as a warm colourful place, but it has changed a lot. Some of the toys and books are still laying in place they were left 31 year ago with buildings starting to shred. It was amazing to see very familiar things like beds, toys and straight walk around path outside around the building. It be very difficult to remember how exactly it was back then, but being there I had very welcome feeling of something very well known to my self. 
I think this nursery was not raided by vandals and robbers as much as our flat and most others,because at least something was left there to remind of what this place was before.

PictureFerris wheel become a symbol of the Chernobyl disaster
                               Attraction park 

 Amusement Park of Culture and Rest been newly built and set to be opened on 1st of May 1986 in time for May day celebrations, this never happened. I was not aware of this fact until our guide told us about this dramatic few days of shortage, this probably explains, why I have not got anything in my memory from riding at any of the attractions especially the observation wheel and bumper cars, but this park being so famous and ​have become a symbol of the Chernobyl disaster

PictureLenin street with beautiful Poplar trees

​                            Random Pripyat from my visit

Below is a set of random photos of Pripyat today, I would say, that the place I remember most out of all is the avenue with very high Poplar trees, this was the main street in town and was very beautiful. I walked there each time from our home to nursery. And now its all look more like a jungle, but those Poplar trees are still there and they are caring the memory of it past days glory! 
Most of the town looks very sad only the autumn gold colours add a bit of the hope. I am just thinking, that it would be a great idea if this town could be rebuilt, somewhere in the safe place, with the same architecture and streets, that would be amazing.

PictureScoobyclinic RC replica by Hpi Racing with Ferris wheel on background
      Adventure of Hpi Racing / SCR replica Subaru in Pripyat

Few years ago I had an idea to bring my SCR Gymkhana car to Pripyat, but due to an advise from local authorities about the risk of radioactive contamination, that plan was left up in the air for indefinite period. But during last weekends reunion with my home town, I had no doubt about at least bringing my the only one in the world official Hpi Racing replica RC model, which is an exact copy of my real race machine. It was a hard decision due to the cars direct contact with the ground could cause contamination and there fore no way to bring the car back home, but with thanks to Hpi, who made another copy of the car just encase if the first one will get effected I was able to take it with me worry free. 

                                                                Photos of humans in Pripyat
I guess this is it, once again I would like to thank everyone involved to make this trip possible and thanks to everyone who took a part by joining me, I dont think I could accept such an experience on my own. Some of the things were so terrifying, that only the knowing of a better world could help to save from nightmares.
<![CDATA[DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ WINS 2017 BARREL SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE 5TH YEAR]]>Mon, 23 Oct 2017 20:57:03 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/dmitrij-sribnyj-wins-2017-barrel-sprint-championship-for-the-5th-year Picture
 2017 Barrel Sprint British Championship WON!
This is my 5th year in a row, that I have won in this race series and also got an award during end of season night for setting fastest time of the year!
​ It was a lot of work involved behind the scene to achieve this results, but with such great support from my sponsors,family, friends and supporters the almost impossible became reality! With massive credit to Scoobyclinic, who did an amazing job by keeping me up and running all season! Fastest car overall even with downgraded engine in most events! The professional set up truly means a lot in the way car handles on track! 

 In terms of Barrel Sprint and Formula G Championships sumup, it was many ups and downs, especially, that I had not very good start to this season due to some issues car developed from 4 years in service, but have picked it up very quick by taking podiums plus extra points for setting fastest times overall. This was enough for me to claim my Barrel Sprint Championship win without entering the final round for the reason, that SCR Subaru was sailed off in sea and currently on the way to South Africa for the Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid.


But even so, to make the last day of FBS boosted, I entered the FWD class with my old 200bhp 1995 Honda Civic. It was not much of a competition in this class due to a lack of entrants, but I manage to bring another podium home with fastest time and the win in knockout battle. Then later a week finding out at end of season award night, that I have actually set fastest time of the year in Front Wheel Drive class as well as in AWD class. That was a bit of surprise even for myself, but I knew, that this little car was a smasher!

​ Moving to Sunday 15th of October with final round of  Formula G Championship I needed to find an AWD car to be able to compete and score very needed points. With thanks to my friends Dmitrij and Dylan I managed to secure 2 very different cars for the morning practice and could choose one of them, which I be competing in qualifying and following battles. However, I still kept the Civic to enter in to FWD class as well, this strategy was to get my self the track learned without abusing the borrowed cars, but at the same time to give a tough competition to the Front Wheel Drive squad, which was very strong at Formula G all season, where I finished 2nd on podium this day.


​Nissan Skyline GTR R32 was the first one to get tested and I must admit, that car is an amazing piece of history in both street and track racing, but with it being set for road use, it was not able to complete the very tight and twisty Gymkhana track without further modifying to fit for purpose process. 

 My next move was to get in to red dragon Subaru GC8. I knew that even standard Subaru came out from factory was ready for the challenge, unfortunately it was just a basic UK2000 model with no limited slip differential on rear axle, this meant, that by all means of physics and mechanical way of how things works, this car was not able to do a clean execution of the figure of 8 and 360 donut around the obstacle, not counting power wise it was lacking of at least 100bhp to be anywhere near it competitors. Even so, I was happy enough to put my skills in to use and after few practice laps got the car under control. During the qualifying with thanks to sticky Toyo R888R tyres, car changed it behaviour for the better way letting me set a better times and qualify 4th. If I would battle the same way in knockouts, then the win of 2017 Championship would be in my pocket, but with everyone pushing so hard I finished 5th. My position in Championship table got equal with the winner of current round setting both of us at 39 points. Very unusual situation I guess, but with decision from organisers the Champion was decided with who had most points for the podiums, that means, that my 4 points for fastest times in previous rounds was removed placing me on 2nd step of the 2017 Championship. What can I say, surely it was a bit disappointing, but on other hand, I gave my best and most important gave someone else the chance to win and be happy with what they love to do!  


I would like to say massive thank you to all at Fueltopia team for making the series going strong and very enjoyable with all the professional track set up and timing systems, from Portatree lights and timing to Icaris timing track monitor app! It all really works well and enables to make any changes on car during event and see the difference in times, so any advantage after modifying can be easily determined and finalised! Special thanks to all media guys and girls, to capture the moment sometimes takes a while while to catch a great moment can take the whole season. Thank you all! Some of the shots are here on the right 


Week later at end of season Fueltopia 2017 Award night I was very excited to receive this lot of trophies, with massive thank you to everyone involved! It was a great year with many memories to keep me warm during the winter

​ On top of individual results me and my SCR team mate Bucky have won Barrel Sprint Tuner Challenge as Scoobyclinic team!

 Thats the wrap for Fueltopia series this year, but I still got a job to do in South Africa at Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid and then in December I will hit the final round of Scottish Gymkhana Championship... So its not over just yet!

                              Massive THANK YOU to all my SPONSORS and PARTNERS!
<![CDATA[SAMSONAS TRANSMISSIONS AND DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ SIGNING SEQUENTIAL DEAL]]>Wed, 11 Oct 2017 23:00:00 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/samsonas-transmissions-and-dmitrij-sribnyj-signing-sequential-deal Picture
EXCITING ​NEWS - I am pleased to announce my newly signed partnership deal with SAMSONAS MOTORSPORT TRANSMISSIONS

Samsonas 6 speed sequential gearbox going to be one of the major upgrades in the build of my All Wheel Drive Subaru BRZ project!

Samsonas transmissions was on the market since 1990 and proved to be one of the best Motorsport products within gearboxes field and backed up by multiple championship wins in different disciplines around the world.

I am looking forward to get Samsonas gearbox installed and can not wait till I will put it in to tyre slaying mode on my SCR Gymkhana car.

By using sequential system I will be able to speed up my gear shifting and cut the times at any competition, especially in Gymkhana Grid and Formula G series, where quick gear changes up and down is very important and frequent part during the race.

On top of the flash striking gear changes there are even more benefits to this amazing piece of kit and thats a strength and reliability. Samsonas sequential system made out of billet forged parts and each component involves precise engineering and procedures before it gets assembled at Samsonas factory, which based in beautiful country - Lithuania. 

There are 50 highly qualified specialists working at Samsonas Motorsport factory with product range offering 30 different gearboxes and over 200 applications for most makes and models, while the laboratory and research area enables very strict quality control to insure every component meets the highest standard levels from raw material to the finished product.

With such an impressive equipment fitted to my BRZ all wheel drive monster it be my part of the game to show what I can do,  so lets wait and see! One thing I know for sure, it going to be awesome!

Massive thank you to Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions and Clark Motorsport for help to get this BRZ AWD project to the next level!

For full list of application of Samsonas products you can visit www.samsonas.com

#Samsonas #ClarkMotorsport

#SamsonasMotorsportTransmissions #SamsonasMotorsport 




<![CDATA[BARREL SPRINT ROUND 4 WON BY DMITRIJ SRIBNYJ @ SANTAPOD USC SHOW 2017]]>Sun, 06 Aug 2017 22:27:31 GMThttp://dmitrij-sribnyj.com/blog/barrel-sprint-round-4-won-by-dmitrij-sribnyj-santapod-usc-show-2017Picture
Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Round 4 - WON!

It was another weekend full of racing! On Saturday I entered Barrel Sprint round 4 with my SCR GC8 Subaru, where I set the fastest times overall during the day and then won the battles in my class! Still going with stock engine and still pushing the car to it limits or perhaps to the set limits within the competition!

 Then on Sunday we seen the Formula G test day and I decided to add a bit more flavour to the personal challenge and instead of taking the Subaru, entered with front wheel drive class in Peugeot 206, which was flying on 3 wheels with 4th up in the air at each corner and good fun to drive. But must admit, I did miss the Subaru and wish I was taking it instead, but due to coming soon Gymkhana Grid finals it was more of a safe play to save the car for main event.
Now it going to be one of the greatest challenges this season and thats a preparation for Gymkhana Grid finals, which will take place in South Africa in Carnival City near Johannesburg.
Car to be shipped out sometimes in September and the showdown set for 18/19th November! So the time is tight, but job to be done is big.
Lets see what me and Scoobyclinic can bring on to the table to race against big boys like maestro himself Ken Block and Petter Solberg!

Thanks to all drivers, visitors and Fueltopia team for great time and thanks to all my partners and Sponsors!

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photo credit - Delta Pixels